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why futr.


The why is a consequence of our time. A devastated art scene that has devoured artists and talent. futr. changes that. The so-called industry of culture, in all it’s media and forms, was once an honest take on bringing art to a renascent society that previously enjoyed little time for entertainment. Somehow over the past decades, the art has become secondary and artists a disposable product to squeeze.

Sometimes a revolution involves taking a step back to re-connect with our roots. futr. was born to change the status-quo within an industry where artists endure disturbing levels of creative freedom and a blatant lack of support for desired and much needed new artistic enterprises.

Every creator deserves the space to experiment, ask questions, get feedback and most definitely express themselves. Culture is experiencing a renaissance ignited by new, disruptive and affordable technologies. With these technologies a new power has been given to creators. futr.’s vision is to harness this power and liberate artists and musicians so they can create on their own terms and play by their own rules.

For a long time, promotion and distribution of content has been held captive by large corporations with very little interest in the art itself, often deciding the fate of a career based on economic facts alone whilst imposing restrictions hindering artists from reaching their full potential.

By adhering to current trends, closed networks and social expectations the scope for growth is drastically limited and culture stands still. No more!


what futr.


A collective home for a new era of culture. Chain, media, ethnicity, age and gender agnostic. We discover and support the best talent.

The goal of futr is to provide the tools, digital infrastructure and an unbiased support network to enable its creators to thrive in the web 3 landscape.

Our team of developers & engineers have put together a selection of telegram based notification systems that can be tailor made to suit our artists needs, a website that displays art the way it deserves & many other features that will open up a wide range of opportunities within the metaverse.

futr. will always remain open minded and non exclusive, artists on the collective are encouraged to create freely & bring their vision to life the way that suits them.

futr. intends to be a safe haven for artists and collectors, a go to ecosystem of the best and most forward thinking talent in the space.


how futr.


Operating in the digital realm.

futr. focuses its operations on technology: blockchain, internet and metaverse. With a vast array of experience in web design, the arts & the music industry, futr. seeks to change the status quo & provide a home for artists & musicians that is web 3 focused & technologically advanced compared to modern day counterparts.

This new era of culture demands an innovative remodel of how we distribute, share and experience art & music.

With a focus on thoughtful collaboration within the roster futr will ensure all artists values are preserved whilst curating a catalog of digital media that in years to come will tell the story of this artistic movement.

In the process the technology developed by the team at futr. will automatically source content from the behaviors of its artists, feeding an algorithm that will create futr.tv: a 24/7 live stream of the best new art and music.


who futr.


Collective community. Because together we are stronger.

futr. is a collective of artists, musicians & technology enthusiasts that share the vision to elevate all mediums of art whilst being conscious about our environment, the future and other artists from around the world.

Providing a springboard from which new artists can showcase their talents, develop new skills and connect with other artists, fans & collectors whilst having access to cutting edge technology & tools. A growing list of electronic music producers are lining up to contribute to this future focused mission of bringing all the arts together under one roof.

There is no supremacy at futr. simply like- minded artists working together to achieve a coherent goal of making the future a direct expression of what we love most. Culture.


join futr.


Join us to change the trajectory of culture whilst preserving the most valuable aspects; freedom of creative expression, decentralization & digital sovereignty. We are futr.

If you share our philosophy and want to be part of a new era of culture join the conversation on Discord and Twitter.